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Groupon SPAM - Signs of a dying company

A good sign that a company is dead and dying is when it resorts to email spam. Groupon, the once high-flying local marketing phenom, has sadly fallen into that category. Having bought two Groupon daily deals (that weren't much better than regular newspaper or coupon discounts), I necessarily gave Groupon my email address.

Since Groupon's deals have become poorer and less appropriate to my tastes, I decided about 6 months ago to opt-out of their Daily Deals and updates. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to get them out of my inbox via unsubscribe links, I've finally resorted to reporting them to Spamcop and Knujon.

Spamcop actually forwards spam emails to the spammer's upstream provider in hopes that the provider will stop the spamming. Knujon is more of a tracking service that uses spam data to fight registrars that enable spammers.

Spamcop had been sending Groupon's spam emails to it's email provider (exacttarget.com) but today I noticed that Spamcop is now sending all spam notifications for Groupon to "devnull". Devnull, in Unix-speak, is basically a black hole where things go to die. It essentially means Spamcop has found exacttarget.com to be non-responsive in dealing with spam reports so now it only tracks the spam source. Such abusers often wind up in email blocklists (or blacklists) meaning that companies providing anti-spam services like Barracuda and Cisco may start moving Groupon into the status of being blocked before their emails ever hit your inbox.

This may take awhile because spammers often move their mail servers to different IP addresses in hopes of keeping them off the blocklists. Regardless, companies that don't honor opt-outs cleanly and efficiently are not worth doing business with and Groupon will certainly never see another dime from us.

UPDATE: As predicted, Groupon's latest SPAM email came from a new provider "he.net".

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Hikari 01.11.2013. 20:14

Same happening here, I keep receiving 3 emails per day from groupon! And I can't tell them to stop.

Spamcop is great, but big backbone providers don't worry with spam, and many many host providers just want their money.

john 01.15.2013. 08:03

in the uk they are spamming a non-member using fagms.net

groupon is dying quickly

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